In connection with high purity demand, strict corrosion-resistance quality of fluoropolymers from semi-conductor industry

Italy CLAUDIO Symposium - Differences between NEW PTFE and PFA

In 2022, at the Precision Chemistry Seminar hosted by EVERSUPP, Claudio the Italian manager, was invited to demonstrate the latest new PTFE sheets.
Claudio said that the company is an internationally renowned supplier of high-end materials for Taiwanese semiconductor process chemicals, special gases and other industries. It shares the advantages of the new New PTFE sheet and compares it with PFA. The surface smoothness of New PTFE is better in the field of high-purity chemicals. It has better welding stability and more outstanding overall performance in acid and alkali resistant applications.

This symposium provides an opportunity for information exchange for upper and lower industry players. Look forward to that industrial cooperation will become the norm and we will jointly move towards a new milestone in the field of precision chemicals.


Italy ClaudioManager