In connection with high purity demand, strict corrosion-resistance quality of fluoropolymers from semi-conductor industry

Economic Daily News (udn) interviewed EVERSUPP’s Centralized Center Chemical Dispensing System. The quality obtained Japanese testing certification and received orders from major manufacturers

Adhering to a pragmatic attitude, EVERSUPP has become famous in the electronics and chemical industries by manufacturing containers (Teflon-lined tanks) for carrying clean and semiconductor-grade chemical solutions; it has recently upgraded its single-container manufacturing process to a Center Chemical Dispensing System. It has replaced the original reliance on imported equipment from abroad. The quality has obtained Japan's testing and certification, and has won the approval of semiconductors (TSMC, UMC, GloFo, PSMC, and Winbond), panels (AUO, Chimei) , and chemical companies (Formosa Plastics, CCP, Eternal Materials, AUECC, SAN FU) , and has succeeded in building up a brand image of EVERSUPP.

EVERSUPP represent that the Center Chemical Dispensing System, including system integration projects such as deployment, transportation, filtration, subpackage, analysis, and purification, can be applied to semiconductor manufacturing, TFT-LCD, solar battery, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial plants. Carry out overall planning, design, construction and maintenance of equipment, instrumentation and electricity, and on-site pipelines in the service system.

EVERSUPP is very dedicated to safety and quality standards, and will courageously inform customers of every step and specification during the ordering process; and refuses price-cutting competition, creates a product with high CP value, and creates a win-win situation with customers. The company also provides diversified product projects such as Teflon-lined barrels, transport tankers, corrosion-resistant pipe fittings, heat exchangers and filters for heating and cooling, and other Teflon-related applications for semiconductor grade chemicals.

The company also provides Teflon lined drums and tanks for semiconductor grade chemicals, transportation tanks and trucks, corrosion-resistant pipe fittings, heat exchangers and filters for heating and cooling, and other Teflon related applications and other diversified products.