In connection with high purity demand, strict corrosion-resistance quality of fluoropolymers from semi-conductor industry

Economic Daily interview Center Chemical Dispensing System

【September 27, 2017╱WU KUO TUNG】

Eversupp provide System Integration Engineering which ensure an ultra-clean, stable, safe, expandable, automatic and user-friendly design. It can be applied in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the equipment, instrument, and piping in the semiconductor process, TFT-LCD, solar cell, biochemical, medicine and food industry.

Eversupp is quite obsessed with safety and quality standards, so in the process of receiving orders will be brave to tell the customer every step and specification; and refused to cut prices, to create a high CP value of the product, and customers create a win-win situation

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Economic Daily interview Center Chemical Dispensing System
Center Chemical Dispensing System